Aids for ostomy patients

Stoma care belt - Coloplast

Adjustable belt to hold a stoma plate.

Urine bag - Coloplast

Emptiable night urine bag with connector and non-return valve.

A plastic hanger is used to fix it to the bed or chair.

Supports all types of urine bag.

Plate Sensura - Coloplast

Shaping a Sensura stoma plate.

Stoma plate - Coloplast

Set of stoma plates.

Alterna pouches - Coloplast

Ileostomy pouches - two-piece adhesive system.

Emptiable collection pouch with safety lock.

Urostomy pouches - Coloplast

Urostomy pouches - two-piece system.

Emptiable urine pouch with safety lock.

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