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Daum vertebral pressure reducer

Dynamic, corrective and constantly adjustable orthopaedic corset that decompresses and elongates the spinal column using a pneumatic system.

This exclusive corset was designed by Mr Reuwen Daum, a highly qualified orthopaedic technician, and is made in our workshop.

See also the heading "the Daum corset".

Custom back stabiliser

Custom back support belt made in our workshop.

Made of coutil fabric with customised posterior stays and Velcro fastening straps at the front.

Support bandage Dale

Elastic bandage for light back support.

Special weaving process, customised sizes and dimensions, Velcro fastening over the entire length.

Support bandage Dale

Special weaving process, customised sizes and dimensions, Velcro fastening over the entire length.

Following trauma of the thorax (fractured or crushed ribs) and surgical interventions.

Lumbar brace Dynacross - Thuasne

Lumbar brace in ventilated elastic fabric (Combitex).

Flexible posterior stays.

Flexible posterior reinforcing.

Lumbar brace Lombax - Thuasne

Lumbar support belt. Two-part fastening with hand openings.

Strong elastic.

Dorsal and abdominal stays.

Dorsal section ventilated.

Lumbar brace LombaSkin - Thuasne

Compact lumbar support belt like a second skin.

Combitex elastic twill fabric.

Posterior stays, hand and finger openings for easy grip when fitting.

Lumbar brace Lombacross Activity - Thuasne

Posture regulating reinforced lumbar belt.

Additional straps can be used to modify the support for different positions (sitting, standing).

Anatomical shape and hand openings to facilitate positioning of the belt.

Back corrector Gibaud

Prevents juvenile or senile kyphosis.

Parkinson's disease.

Heated lumbar belt - Medima

Therapeutic section with active heat zone (optimum subcutaneous circulation).

For muscular and joint pains associated with cold and damp (chronic rheumatism, osteoarthritis).

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