Comfort cushions




Siège de soutien conçu à partie de recherches ergonomiques et orthopédiques, il vous apporte un excellent support lombaire tant à la maison qu'au bureau, en train ou en voiture.

Triangular cushion - Sissel

This triangular cushion inclines the seated person 10° forwards to bring the spinal column into its natural position (good curvature).
Dimensions : 35 x 35 x 6 cm.
Removable 100% cotton cover.

Cushion Lordosit

Lumbar support to recreate the physiological curvature.
Adjustable height. Used on any seat with a full back, in the house, office or car.
Dimensions: 30 x 23 x 6 cm.

Cushion Relax

Many different models :

  • Standard cushion Relax for a comfortable and relaxed sitting or lying position.

  • Cervical cushion Relax for neck support.

  • Triangle cushion Relax to correct the lying position and place the legs at the right angle.

Cherry stone cushion

Heated cherry stone cushion.
Various models for the neck, shoulder and spine.

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