Eating and gripping aids


Aluminium gripper with magnet.

Medication box

Medication box with integrated stainless sharp knife to devide medications in several parts.

Others models of boxes are avaible with various organisations of distribution.


Beakers with fixed spout, cover and handle, 250 ml, various colours (blue, green, transparent, pink, white).

Beakers with flexible spout, 200 ml, transparent.

Gripping accessories - GRIPOBALLS !! NEW !!

A new utensil help to grip !

Gripo perfectly fits the hand of a child as of an adult (paralysis, dyspraxia,...).

Gripo blocks spoons in dishes, plates and pans.
Non absorbant, non-sticky, it can be washed in dishwasher..

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Gripping accessories

Closed foam tube, non-slip, for a better grip on cutlery and other utensils.

(ballpoint pens, pencils, etc...)


Special lightweight cutlery.

Suitable for cases of loss of strength or arthritis.


White bibs.

PVC coating, washable at 60°.


Impermeable cotton bibs.

Tartan fabric blue/red - blue/green.

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