Food supplements formulated by nutritionists, biologists and scientists

The EFFYSSANCE laboratory was created by doctors around ten years ago.

It produces food supplements for anyone with a deficiency or imbalance of micro-nutrients : vitamins, minerals, oligo-elements, essential fatty acids, etc.

More generally, these products are of interest to anyone wishing to maintain their health. These food supplements are formulated by nutritionists, biologists and scientists. In accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization, they comply with French and European regulations.

EFFYSSANCE ensures the quality, safety and transparency of its products for doctors and their patients. Quality and safety : EFFYSSANCE satisfies the strictest quality criteria through complete control of the different stages of the manufacturing process (formulation, extraction, production and packaging). The department checks the origin and traceability of raw materials, and the conformity of finished products using systematic biological controls.


Effective and natural : EFFYSSANCE gives preference to natural ingredients, based on fruit, vegetable or cereal extracts.They are easily assimilated and act effectively on the organism without secondary effects.

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