Elbow section

Epipoint - Bauerfeind

Arm band for epicondylitis.

Specially designed bandage for functional treatment and prevention of tennis elbow pains.

The targeted pressure of the viscoeleastic pellet relieves the elbow and massages the surrounding tissues.

Elbow brace Epi Push Med

Arm band for epicondylitis.

Relieves pain from playing tennis or golf. The pellet exercises precise pressure on the wrist extensors (tennis elbow) or the flexors (golf elbow).

Elbow brace Epitrain - Bauerfeind

Shaped anatomical bandage to relieve the elbow. With each movement, the viscoelastic pellets actively and continuously massage the surrounding tissues. This improves circulation, eliminates pain, and tissue swelling rapidly decreases.

Elbow brace Silistab Epi – Thuasne

Anti-epicondylitis elbow brace.

Triple effect silicone insert : massage - shock absorber - anti tennis elbow.

Heated elbow brace - Medima

Therapeutic section with active heat zone (optimum subcutaneous circulation).

For muscular and joint pains associated with cold and damp.

(chronic rheumatism, arthritis).

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