A range of products for your slimming programme

The Eurodiet method is a personalised, structured, four-step programme with psycho-behavioural support.
It is only practised by doctors and advised by doctors with specific training.
Regular medical monitoring ensures good results with no risk to your health.
Eurodiet supplements of vitamins, minerals and polyunsaturated fatty acids protect you from deficiencies.
The Eurodiet method provides a simple, rapid, reliable and durable answer to your weight problems.

Eurodiet products provide the necessary diversity for your motivation throughout the diet programme : variety of flavours, multiple textures (soups, omelettes, desserts, flans, mousse, cakes, bars, etc.) instant products (desserts, soups), others requiring preparation (mousses, flans, omelettes or pasta), and of course easy take-away products (cereal or chocolate, muffins, prepared meals). 

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