SitFit® - Sissel

An active, dynamic seating aid, relieves upper body tension and builds back musculature.

Can help prevent back problems by correcting poor posture.

Durable enough to be stood on to increase flexibility in the foot and ankle.

Complete with exercise poster.

SitFit Plus® - Sissel

A perfect combination of sitting wedge and air filled balance pad.

Ergonomically enhanced shape provides better thigh support for longer sitting periods whilst maintaining active sitting.

Active and dynamic sitting relieves upper body tension and works back muscles without exercising.

Also suitable to exercise musculature of back and pelvic floor.

Complete with exercise poster and pump to adjust to individual pressure if required.

Therapeutic balls - Sissel

Uses all muscles of the body (to maintain balance on the ball), and in particular the stabilising muscles :

  • the abdominal muscles ,

  • the shoulder muscles ,

  • the muscles of the lombo-pelvic girdle.

Sizes available are

45 cm (yellow),

55 cm (red)

65 cm (green)

75 cm (blue).


Elastic bands - Sissel

Complete system of progressive resistance from super light (beige) to maximum strength (gold) for a toned and firm body.
Recommended for physical rehabilitation and gentle fitness courses.

Spiky ball - Sissel

  • co-ordination.

  • ankle and foot mobilisation.

  • reflexology.

  • myofascia release.

  • Pilates.


8 cm. yellow

9 cm. red

10 cm. blue

Flexbar - Theraband

Rehabilitation and muscle building accessory for the arm.

(fingers, hand, wrist and forearm).

Can be used for prehension, torsion, flexion and compression.

Hand exerciser - Sissel

To improve the mobility of the hand, fingers and forearm.
To improve dexterity and strength.
Can also be used to reduce stress.

  • Extra soft : yellow

  • Soft : red

  • Medium : green

  • Firm : blue

  • Extrafirm : black

Pedal exerciser

Pedal exerciser to strengthen muscles.
Ideal for use in the home or clinic.
Non-slip feet, lightweight (2 kg) for easy transport, adjustable resistance button.

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