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Medical pedicure

Our graduated and qualified podiatrists will be happy to receive you by appointment :
Monday to Thursday between 9AM and 18PM.
Friday between 9AM and 12AM.
02 770 34 09

Custom-molded orthotic insoles

The insoles leather and cork or E.V.A. (Ethyl, vinyl, acetate)are custom-molded and based on the conditions and activities (sports or city).
The corrections are respecting besides the molding, the doctor's instructions, if any prescription, or the patients needs and requests.
Checks are ornagised every 6 months for children and each year for adults.
The insoles are recommended for pains treatment, problems walking, static disorders, flat feet  and deviations of knees and legs.

We are happy to meet you by appointment :
Monday to Thursday between 9AM and 18PM.
Friday between 9AM and 12AM.
02 770 34 09

Orthopedic shoes for children

Information 02.770.34.09

Insoles ViscoPed - Bauerfeind

Viscoelastic insole that regulates body weight pressure on the foot. Reduces loads and absorbs impacts. An integrated arch support provides support for flat feet.

Insoles Pedag


Heel pads ViscoHeel - Bauerfeind

Anatomical viscoelastic heel pads.

These heel pads effectively reduce pressure on the joints, spinal column and Achilles tendon.

Heel pads ViscoSpot - Bauerfeind

Anatomical viscoelastic heel pads.

The flexible blue core is anatomically designed to relieve pain caused by a heel spur.

Support & compression stockings

Compression stockings provide effective relief for many indications :
Tiredness, painful varicose veins and legs, but also for more serious problems such as chronic venous insufficiency.
Beautiful range of colors.

Protections Gehwol and Epitact

Highly elastic polymer gel protective toe sheaths (corns between the toes or problems with toe ends).

Protective cushion makes walking more comfortable with bunions on the big toe.

Soothing creams Gehwol

Various Gehwol footcare creams and balms.

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