Hand - wrist section

Thumb brace Rhizoloc - Bauerfeind

Thumb stabilisation splint with an aluminium stirrup adaptable to the patient.

The perforated material ensures good air circulation and reduces perspiration.

Wrist brace Polex Med

Brace to immobilise the wrist and thumb.

Wrist brace Push CMC

Push CMC stabilizes the basic joint of the thumb and places the thumb in an operative position.

This ensures optimal hand function and reduces symptoms such as pain and lack of strength.

Removable wrist brace Ligaflex Manu - Thuasne

Combined action of rigid reinforcement and straps for perfect immobilisation of the wrist and column of the thumb.

Wrist bandage Push Care

This bandage creates pressure around the wrist joint to ensure stability.

Wrist bandage Push Med

This bandage provides a high level of support and protection to the wrist without restricting hand functions.

Support brace Push Med Splint

Rest the wrist joint without restricting hand functions. Circular, non-elastic adjustment ensures that the wrist support adjusts precisely to the anatomy of the wrist. Palm flexing is thereby limited and the hand remains operational.

Removable wrist brace Ligaflex classic - Thuasne

Removable wrist brace with a double strap system for improved wrist immobilisation.

Wrist bandage Manutrain - Bauerfeind

Anatomical bandage that supports and stabilises the wrist.

Two built-in viscoelastic pellets provide targeted massage to stimulate circulation in the muscles to eliminate pain and reduce tissue swelling.

Wrist bandage Manuloc - Bauerfeind

Stabilising wrist splint that immobilises the wrist (post-traumatic/post-operative).

Used to treat acute/chronic inflammation of the hand joint.

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