Heat treatments

MEDIMA® comfort Angora bodywear

De hitte kan reumatische pijnen, artritis, spit, ischias en spierstijfheid bestrijden. Angora-wol is licht, warm en absorberend !

  •      3,2 x warmer dan katoen,

  •      2,6 x warmer dan wol,

  •      2,1 x warmer dan synthetische vezels,

  •      80% absorberend.

Activiteiten in natte en koude omstandigheden veroorzaken snel overmatig zweten en veroorzaken verkoeling. Er is geen afkoelingseffect en zweetgeuren worden dus geneutraliseerd.

The secret of Medima® lies in the quality of the fibers used. Medima® underwear and accessories consist of 20% to 50% high quality, Caregora® certified angora fiber. The extreme care provided to the Angora rabbit makes the fiber the lightest, warmest and most absorbent of all natural fibers. The Caregora® certificate is your guarantee that wool is obtained with the utmost respect for animals.

Medima® has also certified the breeding of angora rabbits that provide the raw material for its range of underwear, according to the rigorous requirements of the Animal Welfare Code of the UK Ministry of Agriculture. Thanks to this approach, animals are raised according to the strictest criteria.

Chermal overblanket - Beurer HD100

Chermal overblanket.

Textiles used with "Confidence in textiles" label.

Dimensions : 200 x 150 cm.
Automatic disconnection after 3 hours.
Machine washable.

Electric underblanket - Beurer UB60

Electric bed cover.

Textiles used with "Confidence in textiles" label.

Dimensions : 150 x 80 cm.
Automatic disconnection after 12 hours.
Machine washable.

Foot warmer

Foot warmer with relaxing massage function.
Possible separate setting, heat and massage.

Removable and washable Teddy lining.

Infrared lamp - Beurer IL30

Infrared radiation causes warmth to be transported to the human body. The bloody sypply in the radiated skin is increased and the métabolic turnover in the field of temperature enhanced. The body is stimulated to heal by the effect of the infrared light.

Infrared light can be used as a possible treatment in diseases of the ear, nose and throat and to assist in facial and beauty care, especially in case of blemished skin.
150 Watt. - Timer adjustable from 2 to 12 minutes.

(Dimensions 12 x 20 x 16 cm).

Ask your doctor or our bandagist.

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