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Our firm, steeped in tradition, offers more than 80 years of experience, knowledge and know-how in matters of re-education, rehabilitation and everyday well-being. The articles on this site only provide an overview of our range of products.

Under ‘Products and solutions’ you’ll find some items gathered by themes and body segments. This is just a sample of the full range you can find in our shop.

When coming to the shop, our specialists will help you in a comfortable and adapted environment. You can however order your items by phone or email with home delivery.


A team of professionals

dedicated to your health



​Pratical solutions :

  • Vertebral pressure reducer

  • Cervical collar, neck braces

  • Breast prothesis and adapted underwear

  • Angora and wool underwear

  • Prosthesis for lower and upper limbs

  • Tensiometers and medical equipment

  • Articles for ostomy patients

  • Hernial Bandages

  • Care products for incontinence

  • Support & compression stockings

  • Knee, ankels, elbows braces

  • Crutches, canes, pierced chairs

  • Custom-molded orthotic insoles

  • Medical pedicure

A votre service depuis 1933

A votre service depuis 1933

Une gamme étendue de solutions

Une gamme étendue de solutions

Stock et disponibilité

Stock et disponibilité

Service rapide

Service rapide

Atelier sur place

Atelier sur place

Confections sur mesure

Confections sur mesure

Techniciens orthopédiques qualifiés

Techniciens orthopédiques qualifiés

Pour du travail soigné

Pour du travail soigné

At your service :



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Opening hours :
Monday to Thursday from 09:00 to 18:00

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Friday from 09:00 to 15:00

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Saturday and Sunday closed.


We welcome our clients in French, Dutch, English, German and Spanish.


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