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Here is a selection of modern therapeutic knee bandages.

Doctors recommend these products for the prevention and treatment of pathologies as well as for the support of the healing process after injuries.

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Knee brace Genutrain – Bauerfeind

The active knee support, produces its effect during movement.

Indications :

Irritation after an injury, operation or overexertion of tendons, muscles or ligaments.

Degenerative changes in the knee (osteoarthritis).

Feeling of instability.

During movement, the shaped viscoelastic ring compresses and massages the soft tissues.

(Donning aid makes the support easier to put on)

Knee brace Push Care

The Push care brace provides compression around the knee joint, improving the sense of stability of the joint.

Indications :

Osteoarthritis of the knee joint.

Patellofemoral osteoarthritis.

Patella instability.

Retropatellar pain complaints.

The brace supports the patella on both sides. The compression and patella support can be adjusted as needed.

A proper anatomic fit and silicone lining contribute to the brace remaining in position during walking.

Knee brace Silistab Genu - Thuasne

Knee brace with closed shock-absorbing patellar guide.

Indications :

Patellar discorders (patellar syndromes, subdislocation and saquelae).

Analgesic knee compression in painful or rheumatic disorders.

Protection of injuried or exposed joints.

Elastic fabric and flexible lateral stays. Y-shaped inserts for an improved proprioceptive effect and intermittent stimulation.

Knee brace Genutrain P3 – Bauerfeind

Anatomically contoured knitted active support for relieving the knee joint.

Indications :

Pain in the kneecap area.

Outward shifting of the kneecap (patellar lateralization)

"High-riding" kneecap during flexion and extension of the leg.

The specially shapped massage pad around the keecap with an integrated corrective strap prevents lateral shifting.

Knee brace Genutrain S – Bauerfeind

Anatomically contoured active support for the knee.

Indications :

Light instability of the knee.

Inflammatory changes in the knee joint (arthritis).

Deterioration of the knee joint (gonarthrosis).

The lateral joint splints are held directly in place by the Velcro strap system and thus support the natural pattern of movement. The resulting enhanced circulation in the joint capsule and promotion of lymph drainage lead to reduced swelling, pain relief and improved function while, at the same time, taking the strain off the kneecap.

Knee brace Push Med

Your Push med knee brace offers a high level of support and protection to the knee joint.

Indications :

Arthrosis with hydrops

Rhuematoid arthritis with synovitis

Functional instability after collateral ligament trauma

Late follow-up treatment after ligament surgery.

The kneejoint is supported in the medio-lateral direction by means of a mechanical construction consisting of leaf spring joints and non-elastic connections. This does not obstruct flexion or extension of the knee. The stiffener hinges follow the natural pivoting point of the knee.

Knee brace Genu Dynastab - Tuasne

Ligament knee brace with lateral reinforcements.

Indications :

Functional treatment of mild sprains.

Resumption of sports activities after a sprain (mild, moderate of severe).

Hinged side reinforcements to ensure knee stability. Staggered straps to hold the brace on the leg.  Removal bi-axial hinge. Silicone patellar insert to support the kneecap.

Knee brace Ligaflex Evolution - Thuasne

Biaxial ligament knee brace with reinforcements.

Indications :

Orthopaedic treatment of mild ti severe sprains.

Post-surgical treatment : convalescence and rehabilitation phases.

Functional compression in the case of hyperlaxity.

High-compression elastic fabric.  Biaxial hinge. Metal renforcements with central fixation strap. Cross-over strap fastening system for netter support, holding the hinges flat against the knee. Comfortable lining inside.

Knee brace SofTec Genu - Bauerfeind

Multifunctional orthosis for stabilization of the knee.

Indications :

Cases of torn ligaments.

Collateral ligament injury.

Arthritis or in sports therapy.


Its construction combines : stability and control provided by fixed joint splints, healing massage provided by a pad on the kneecap and maximum wearing comfort thanks to the anatomically shaped, breathable SofTec vector-oriented knitted fabric.

Knee brace FullForce - Donjoy

FullForce incorporates DonJoy’s patented 4-Points-of-Leverage design and the FourcePoint hinge design technology, making it suitable for ACL instabilities.

Indications :

Lightweight, low profile and easy to wear, the cutaway-angle design of the inner thigh adds comfort.

Ideal for the active patient, leisure sports, or activities of daily living.

Moderate to severe ACL,  MCL & LCL instabilities.

Knee brace OA Nano - Donjoy

3 Discharge Point System. Redistributes the pressure out of the compartment reached
to the healthy compartment.


Mild to moderate unicompartmental OA.

Ideal for patients who want to stay active and move freely.

Combining Nano MAG™, a new hi-tech material, with DonJoy’s proven adjuster technology, OA Nano™ is the world’s lightest functional OA knee brace available, keeping patients moving forward

Knee brace Ligaflex Immo - Thuasne

Knee immobilization splint.

Indications :

Immobilization of the knee in the extended position before and after surgery.

Fonctional treatment of knee contusions an sprains.

Joint rest (polyarthitis, acute attacks of rheumatoid arthritis, hemarthrosis, hydrarthrosis).

Adapts perfectly to all leg circumferences with movable side panels.

Rigorously maintains the knee extended using four comfortable stays, precise closing with Velcro straps.

Single left-right model.

Knee brace Protect Active Support - Omnimed

This protect support is ideal as a preventive measure or as active support after injury. Whether for recreation, sport or in daily use, these supports, which are comfortable next to the skin, can be used on all occasions.
Open patella.
One size fits all.
Fits both left and right.

Optimum support, easy handling combined with highest wearing comfort.

Knee brace JuzoFlex Genu 303

Support Knee Brace in compression class 2 elastic.

Seamless, with comfort zone in the knee area.
Without latex.

Knee brace with active heat - Medima

The Medima® warm knee warmers warm your knees and help to relax the muscles thanks to the active heat zone (optimal subcutaneous circulation).
They also relieve joint pain related to cooling or humidity.
(chronic rheumatism, osteoarthritis).
May also be worn as a preventive measure.

The exceptionally high quality Angora wool fibers used by Medima® are certified Caregoga®, a label that guarantees responsibility, compassion and respect for animals and the environment.

Patella brace Push Med

The patella brace applies local pressure on the hamstring and supports the patella.

Indications :

Pattellofemoral pain syndrome.

Tendinitis of the patella tendon.

Subluxation / hypermobility proximal tibiofibular joint.


This relieves the insertion of the thigh muscle and reduces the tractive force on the lower leg.

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