Leg section

Support & compression stockings

Finished the low old-fashioned and uncomfortable elastics socks. The current stockings are not only elegant, they are also easier to put on and thanks to mixed material of high quality, pleasant to wear.

Do not hesitate to go in our store to choose your color preferred in magnificent ranges of colors among the biggest brands as Juzo, VenoTrain, Mediven and Solidea.

Compression stockings provide effective relief for many indications :
Tiredness, painful varicose veins and legs, but also for more serious problems such as chronic venous insufficiency.

Gloves for easy donning of stockings

The grip of the rubber glove makes that stockings are more uniformly distributed on your legs. Your stockings are protected at the same time against the accidents (stitches spun by nails, for example).

Stirrup - Medi Butler

Medi Butler is the practical assistance to put on stockings and tights of compression with open or closed ends.
Strong and resistant in the tears, very light, compact and easy to use.

  • For mobile and immobile patients.

  • For all lengths and models of stockings.

  • Ideal as an aid for nursing staff.

  • Stable, robust, and very easy to use.

  • For maximum safety when putting on the stockings

Be careful with long fingernails and jewellery ! Make sure you care for your nails to prevent injury and damage to the sheer knit.

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