Maternity Swimwear

Enjoy clever cuts for a perfect shape throughout your pregnancy.
Maintenance of chest and belly while ensuring freedom of movement.
Bikinis and also ideal swimwear for water aerobics.

Compression stockings

Compression stockings provide effective relief for many indications :

Painful varicose veins and legs, but also for more serious problems such as chronic venous insufficiency.
Beautiful range of colors.

Microfibre Babybelt - Anita Maternity

Softly tailored BABY BELT made of breathable microfibre.

Effective in preventing back pain, especially in the final weeks of pregnancy.

The belt is also particularly comfortable when sitting down thanks to the integrated stretch zones.

Lombamum - Thuasne

Pregnancy-related low back pain.

Pregnancy-relative pelvic pain (sacro-iliac and/or pubic symphysis joints).

Pregnancy-related pelvic ligament pain.

Ortel P - Thuasne

Elastic extra-strong compression fabric.
Tightening straps to reinforce the level of compression.
Comfortable terry towelling lining.

Sacro- iliac pains of mechanical origin, in particular post-partum.

Symphyseal pain.

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