Neck section

Cervical collar Ortel C1 Anatomic - Thuasne

Flexible, high density anatomic cervical collar, with reinforced rear neck brace, precise Velcro adjustment, rounded edges for optimum comfort.

Removable protective cover.

Cervical collar Push Care

The anatomical shape and semi-rigid foam of this neck brace support the neck and head between the jaw and the clavicle, without immobilising them.

Cervical collar Push Med

The anatomical shape and semi-rigid foam supports perfectly the cervical vertebrae and the spine.

Cervical collar Ortel C3 - Thuasne

Rigid cervical collar with anatomically shaped foam edge for optimum comfort.

Velcro height adjustment, adjustable fastening and chin support.

Collar Pneu Trac

Inflatable device for distraction of the spinal column vertebrae.

The semi-rigid polyethylene cervical collar is comfortable, light and easy to position.

The patient can adjust the air pressure to achieve the required level of cervical distraction.


Cervical collar Philadelphia

Comprising two anatomical sections, this cervical collar or neck brace provides chin, occipital, dorsal and sternal support.

Cervical traction Camp Basko

This Camp cervical traction device extends the entire spinal column.

It comprises a synthetic hangar (that can be hooked on a door) and a Glisson collar with Velcro fastening.

The vertebral column is kept in traction by a plastic water reservoir.

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