Following the 1914-1918 Great War, orthopaedic care for the wounded was mainly provided at the military hospital at Neder-Over-Hembeek. Mr Antoine LUCAS practised there as an orthopaedist. He specialised in making prosthetics for the lower limbs in steel and wood. In 1933 he decided to found his own company. His son, Paul LUCAS, introduced new techniques in the 1960s, using resin and synthetic prostheses. Mr DAUM obtained his masters degree in orthopaedics in Frankfurt in 1981 and took over the reins of the company in 1987. He represents the third generation of orthopaedists at this traditional company with a national reputation.

Orthopédie bandagisterie Lucas
Orthopédie Lucas

It rapidly developed the bandaging sector to provide patients with hundreds of selected products for everyday well-being and quality of life. As a spinal specialist, he designed a unique innovative, dynamic, adjustable and corrective corset - the DAUM vertebral pressure reducer. This product benefited from 30 years of continuous research in his workshops in close collaboration with doctors specialising in back problems. The DAUM vertebral pressure reducer is used to treat mechanical or degenerative pathologies of the spinal column without causing muscular atrophy. The patient continues daily activities in a lightweight corset and quickly obtains relief when standing, sitting or lying down. The team of professionals in Mr DAUM's entourage have unique know-how and experience in the manufacture of products such as insoles, back supports, orthotics and prosthetics.

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