Toilet and bed aids

Bed table

Assisted variable height bed table.

Essential accessory for variable height beds.

Two rollers with brakes for effortless movement of the bed table.

Height adjustable from 70 to 110 cm.

Tray dimensions 80 x 40 cm.



Back support

Adjustable back with six notched inclined positions for comfortable sitting in bed.

Ventilated fabric allows the skin to breathe.

Height: 58 cm Width: 61 cm.

Max. user weight : 100 kg.

Toilet seat riser

Flexible toilet seat riser.

Manufactured from foam protected by an impermeable film.

Comfortable and ideal for patients with bedsores.

Height 11 cm.

Max. user weight 150 kg.


The curved back and upholstered seat ensure comfort.

The pan is also retractable from the side to avoid transferring the patient.

Seat height 48 cm.

Seat width 44 cm.

Max. user weight 120 kg.

Women's urinal

Opaque urinal.

1000 ml

Men's urinal

Transparent and autoclavable or opaque urinal.

1000 ml.

Miscellaneous equipment

  • Bed support for urinal in white plastic coated metal.

  • White synthetic bidet.

  • Oval plastic pan with handle, with or without cover.

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