Walking aids

Supple pivoting disc

Can be used in the car, on the chair, armchair and in bed.
This pivoting pillow reduces the friction to be able to revolve without excess of effort.
Reduce the pressure at the level of the sacrum.
Easy to clean.

Pivoting disc

Ideal to assist the seated transfers.
She allows an easy movement in any direction.

This basis is stuffed and turns in 360 °.
With machine-washable cover.

Elbow crutch

Elbow crutch with open cuff and adjustable clip.

The height of the support cuff is adjustable for optimum support.

Handgrip height adjustable from 76 to 96 centimeters.
Weight of the crutch 600 gr.
Max User Weight 135 kg.

Elbow crutch for children

Elbow crutch for children, beautifully colored.

Regulation of the distance between the cuff and the handle.

Handgrip height adjustable from 57 to 75 centimeters.
Weight of the crutch 450 gr.
Max User Weight 100 kg.


Seat-stick, black.

Sitting height : 50 cm, seat width 21 cm.


Handgrip height adjustable from 76 à 95 cm.

Weight of the seat-stick : 940 gr.

Max User Weight : 100 kg.

Folding seat

Folding seat, four aluminium legs, black nylon seat.

Sitting height 54 cm.

Seat width 38 cm x 15 cm.

Weight 1270 gr.

Walking stick Deluxe - MQ Perfect

Elegant, light but strong ! For her and for him !
The walking stick Deluxe MQ Perfect is a light and durable aluminum made elegant help.
Strengthened anti-skid base, preventing the wear.
Inclusive wrist-strap.
Adjustable height : from 55 to 94 cms.
Weight : 240 gr.
User maximum weight up to 120 kg.

Adjustable folding walking stick

Four-part folding walking stick, very practical for travel.

Comes with bag and slips easily into your bag.

Comes in different colours (blue, black, mauve) and different patterns with plexiglass handle.

Adjustable from 80 to 90 cm.

Various walking sticks

Wide range of walking sticks for men and women.

Metal or wood.

Simple or ergonomic handle.


Walking stick ferrules

In black or grey rubber in several sizes.

Wrist strap

Cord to fix to the handle of the walking stick to prevent it from falling.

Quadripod walking stick

The wide base ensures excellent stability.

The aluminium construction combines lightness and strength.

Adjustable height.

Comfortable anatomically shaped handle.

Height adjustable from 75 to 95 cm.

Weight 1,100 kg.

Maximum User weight 100 kg.

Fixed walking frame - Thuasne

This walking frame combines lightness and strength.

Comfortable handles, adjustable in height.

Height adjustable from 80 to 92 centimeters.
Width 65 cm x Depth 47 cm.
Weight 2.8 kg.
Max User Weight 100 kg.

Duo rollator Comfort - Thuasne

Walker Duo Confort is developed for the inside. He is very stable and easy to fold.
Very comfortable and adjustable in height from 79 to 96 cm handles.

Width 58.5 cms. X Depth 65 cms.
Weight 5.7 kg.
Max User Weight 100 kg.

Quatro rollator Move Light - Thuasne

The Quatro Move Light Walker is ideal for indoor and outdoor use, he may be small groceries or tray from the kitchen to the dining room.
Spacious chair with padded backrest for a comfortable chair.
Very light and easy to use, yet robust at the same time.
Parking brake, cane support and basket.

Height adjustable from 81 to 92 cm
width 61 cm x Depth 71 cm
weight: 7.5 kg of aluminum.
Max User Weight 100 kg.

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